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Twiggy's Place

Where Eva lives

Organ donation support group
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Anticipated Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Who is Twiggy?
A: Twiggy is the nickname of elbiesee's sister, Andrea. She passed away in June of 2006 from complications of kidney disease and became a tissue donor. It's in her honor that this community is made.

Q: And who is Eva?
A: First, go get yourself some tissues. Go ahead, I'll wait.


Got 'em? Okay, now go here and start reading. If Twiggy is our roots, then Eva is our wings.

Q: What is the purpose of this community?
A: Simply support. We'll answer questions, give good vibes, celebrate, mourn, ask, answer, volunteer. This might become something grander, but right now, just be there.

Q: How do I start?
A: Join, post, share. Simple.

Just a few rules:

1. Be nice. There are snark communities out there if you want to be otherwise.

2. Cut at your own discretion. Good rule of thumb: ask yourself if you'd like to scroll down your post on your own friends list.

3. Try to keep on topic. Notice I said "try". If you have something you think everybody would enjoy, by all means add the levity.

4. You may only advertise relevant things. Another community for those on dialysis, for example, is relevant. A "grade my prettiness" community is not.

5. I have zero tolerance for trolls. Just so ya know. They will be banned, their posts/comments deleted, and we'll not speak of them again.

Websites for information:

Gives state organ donor laws. Go look up your state and make sure you're covered.

United Network for Organ Sharing The king cheese, I think, for info about organ donation...

Good general info here.

A gov't website for organ donation info

This one is the Oklahoma organization that arranges donors/recipients within the state. Twiggy is in a donor appreciation book printed in the summer of 2007. They're very supportive to the families of donors (like Mom and me).

Heaps of info about and support for living donors, which includes kidney, liver, and bone marrow transplants. Fascinating.