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Remembering why we're here...

Kind of quiet in here.

But then two things happened this week that made me come back, this time with something profound to share.

One of my co-workers is the grandmother of a heart transplant patient. He got his new heart when he was only 6 months old. He's 15 months old now. I got to meet him - the sweetest little blonde you'll ever meet.

And somebody on my Facebook feed shared this story, which made me blink really hard. The Donate Life float always does well, judge-wise, in the Rose Bowl Parade. I like to think it does well when it comes to reminding people to be donors.

I hope everybody had a great Christmas/Winter Holiday Season, and will have a wonderful 2012.

My donation wishes!

I have a few close friends and family who have had Leukemia and some have been saved by bone marrow transplants and some have passed away because the marrow was not available. Also a lot of research needs to be done in this field which cannot be done without bone marrow donated by people. I am planning to do it.

But I am going to have some fun too! So I have entered a competition called "Stories Beat Stuff" It is a competition based on what you would trade to charity (basically some thing special to you or something valuable) to win a holiday to New Zealand. I would gladly trade my bone marrow. Obviously I am doing it anyway, but I think winning the trip would be a pretty great bonus for once I recover from the surgery. :)

So please, please vote for my entry! I would appreciate it so much. Thanks for reading guys! 


A spot of hope coming from the Tucson tragedy:

Christina Taylor Green is an organ donor.

All the best to her family during this time, after making a difficult yet selfless decision.


Saluting a pioneer today.

The first living donor passed away this week.

Remarkable how far we've come in organ donation. Nowadays living kidney donations are almost routine. Fifty-six years ago, they were not only unheard of, but some considered them unethical.

And I think it's sweet that not only did he give his twin more time, but he met his wife at the hospital. Proof Positive that good things come to good people.

A high profile transplant story

Tracy Morgan has received a new kidney. His organ failure stems from his diabetes, which makes me want to go take care of every diabetic I know (and I know quite a few!). I don't see anything in the story about where the kidney came from (living donor, and from whom?).

Nice Christmas present... All the best to him and his.

(Oh, and, it's a Yahoo news story, so don't skim over the comments unless you want to get your knickers twisted today...)

Good news!

65 Red Roses: The Documentary will air in the US next year!

This was on Eva's Bucket List, and I'm so glad that her friends made it happen...


An update on a story from April...

An update to this story:

Mr. Holden recieved a lung transplant July 2 and is now getting back to work. So far, everything looks good!

It's good to see a success story.

A few thoughts on Eva

Quick update here:

A lovely story on Eva, and others that blog their personal End of Days.

And FYI: Eva's Celebration of Love is going to be on Friday. Her family will record it if you want to see it later. 'Tis quite the effort they're making to share her with us, and I'm grateful for it!

Also, if anybody is Photoshop-gifted, we need some kind of banner to share, especially to promote the community...


Fundraising time!

Meet spirit_of_kina.

A tattooed, pierced lady.

A cystic fibrosis patient and double lung transplant recipient.

She is raising money for a cystic fibrosis walk.

She's pretty damned awesome.

Donate what you can - help her beat her goal!